Grove’s Making The Sexiest, Bamboo-iest Cases Yet For The iPhone 5



Grove has long made some of the sexiest Apple accessories around, hewing them out of polished bamboo and then laser etching them with attractive designs of your choice, so it’s no surprise that the Portland, Oregon based outfit now have cases available for the iPhone 5. Also unsurprising is just how gorgeous they are, especially in their etched incarnations.

You’ll pay, of course — Grove’s iPhone 5 cases start at $79 without any engraving, and go up from there to $99 for one with a design and $129 for a custom engraving. Fashion never comes cheap.

Source: Grove

  • iSteve

    Will this wood case causes scratch on my iPhone 5?

  • haineux

    iSteve: Short answer: no. The interior of the case has material to prevent scratching. See their website for details.

    I am a SUPER HAPPY customer of their iPad2 case with custom engraving, and this is my review of that product.

    Let’s get the two biggest downsides out of the way:
    1) This is one of the most expensive cases you can get, even if you order a plain case with no engraving. On the other hand, once you hold the case in your hand, you’ll see that it’s a handmade, custom piece of “furniture.” The craftsmanship and design are fantastic.

    2) Since it is made of bamboo, it will eventually show signs of wear. It can be scratched and dented. It’s quite possible that if you drop the case, it will break. My two-year-old repeatedly dropped my iPad in this case, and eventually, pieces broke off. I repaired the case with Elmer’s Carpenter Glue, and it’s almost as good as new. (The iPad was protected, but I got my son one of those butt-ugly, rubber, huge, “military-grade” cases instead.)

    ON THE OTHER HAND: When I ordered a custom engraving design, the people at Grove treated me REALLY well. I paid a small amount extra for a design proof, and they sent me a Photoshop mockup of what the finished case would look like. It took my breath away!

    As I said above, the craftsmanship, design, fit and finish, all first-rate. Apple could not have done better. Even the package they mailed it to me in was fiendishly thought out to be protective, recyclable, and use minimal materials.

    Also, their cases are unique, gorgeous, and distinctive. Anyone that touches it, will go, “wow, this is so awesome.” It feels like a wood cutting block, because that’s pretty much what it is.

  • Stephen Sohn

    “In the town that I was born was a man who sailed the seas, and he dreamt of submarines”. The pic looks like it is paying tribute to The Beatles, “Yellow Submarine”.