Control Your GoPro Camera From Your iPhone With New Official App



Go a GoPro HD Hero2? And an iPhone, iPad or (ahem) Android device? Then head over to the App Store right now, because — with a new free app — you can use one to control the other.

No, the camera can’t be used to Tweet or make phone calls — it’s the other way around. The GoPro app connects to the camera via Wi-Fi and pipes back a live preview, plus info on remaining battery life and SD card capacity.

What’s the point? Well, the GoPro cameras are made to go where even the intrepid iPhone can’t (or at least shouldn’t). Whether the rugged sports-cam is up on your skydiving helmet, or stuck out on the front fender of your speeding automobile, it is often handy to have a way to quickly check alignment or system status.

Or, with the live streaming, you could just drop the waterproof GoPro into the girls’ showers and… Well, you know.

Whatever you choose to do, you sicko you, this new app will make it easier. You just need to visit GoPro’s site to update your camera’s firmware to get

Source: iTunes App Store

Via: Photography Bay

  • Cody Dollinger

    You need to purchase the $60 GoPro Wi-Fi BacPac to use the app.

  • Ryan

    Is there any way to run multiple gopro Hero2’s with my iPhone? I can’t seem to get it to work….