Add VIPs to Mountain Lion Mail App, Make Your Special Friends Feel Good [OS X Tips]



You know, with the complete flood of email we all get each and every day, it’s hard to sort through and find the email from just the important folks in our lives. You can star emails, flag them, send them to special folders via arcane filtering rule sets, but it’s never been just dead simple to keep track of the folks that you really want to hear from, and weed those away from the rest of the onslaught of emails we all face daily.

Apple’s new OS X Mountain Lion has added a super easy way to do just that, however, and it matches its iOS counterpart fairly well. It’s called VIP, and boy is it simple to implement.

Open Mail on your Mac, and find an email from someone you consider a VIP, meaning, someone whose email is important to you throughout the day. Once opened, click on their email address at the top of the message, and choose Add to VIPs. Simple! If you want to take someone out of the VIP folder, do the same thing, only choose Remove from VIPs. You can view each of your VIPs in their very own folder, or all of them at once in the VIP folder itself.

If you have iCloud enabled on your iOS device as well as your Mac, you’ll see the same VIPs on each device. Changes you make on one device will be reflected on the other, which is why my Mac OS X Mail app already had all the VIPs I had added on my iPhone when I upgraded to iOS 6. Nifty, right?