Foxconn Workers Strike After iPhone 5 Pressures Cause Fistfights



The iPhone 5 is the most complex phone Apple’s ever made, which makes it extra hard for Foxconn’s employees to assemble. There’s so much pressure at Foxconn to produce an increased amount of iPhone 5s that some managers have been beat up by their workers after demanding too much.

According to a new report by China Labor Watch thousands of Foxconn workers have gone on strike due to the immense pressures involved with building the iPhone 5. The main problem is that unqualified workers are being asked to build intricate devices without proper training. They keep messing up and the quality control gets on to them and they get pissed.

“Quality control inspectors fell into to conflicts with workers and were beat up multiple times by workers. Factory management turned a deaf ear to complaints about these conflicts and took no corrective measures. The result of both of these circumstances was a widespread work stoppage on the factory floor among workers and inspectors.”

The brawls between quality control inspectors and workers has even led to damage in the inspection rooms and some workers have been injured and hospitalized. The strike is comprised of 4,000 workers which is only a small number of people compared to Foxconn’s total staff, but it may be enough to slow down iPhone 5 production for the time being.

Source: China Labor Watch

Via: Gizmodo

  • Shilly Devane

    What is wrong with these ungrateful troublemakers? This better not delay my iPhone. Aren’t there different other universities than can provide a better class of intern?

  • technochick

    A report by a biased watch group sent to the most Anti Apple of web sites and you don’t bother to put ‘allegedly’ in the title. Because that’s what this is. A rumor. There’s no proof provided. It’s also totally illogical that a company like Apple wouldn’t demand exact training, that the phones weren’t being inspected for scratches etc before they were boxes (so the damage could be coming from delivery service mishandling) or that the workers didn’t know when they signed up that they might be called on to work during holidays etc.

  • philbert81

    If they don’t like it, maybe they should go to the factory that slaps together cheap plastic Samsung phones. There is no quality control there.