The Best Steve Jobs Moments In History [Video Gallery]




Steve Jobs had a stage presence like no one else. He was just pedaling tech products, but the man captivated his audiences like he was Jimi Hendrix or Elvis or John Lenon. Steve didn’t just introduce a new computer or new iPod, he was selling a philosophy and way of life, and once he activated his reality distortion field on stage you were spellbound by his performance.

There are tons of amazing Steve Jobs videos on the internet, but we’ve gone out and collected the ones that we think are the best. Not just the videos where he introduces products, but also his candid interviews where Steve reveals his thoughts on life. We hope you enjoy them just as much as we do.

Stanford Commencement Speech in 2005

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates at D8

Steve Jobs Unveiling The Macintosh

Steve Jobs Talking About The Crazy Ones

Steve At MacWorld 1997 Revealing Microsoft Partnership

Steve Jobs’s Demo Fails

Steve Introduces The First iMac

Steve Jobs and John Lasseter Talk Pixar

Steve Introduces the iPod in 2001

Steve Jobs Talking About The Secret of Life

Steve Introduces The iPhone in 2007

Steve Jobs Presentation From 1980

Steve Introduces The iPad in 2010


If you think we’ve overlooked one of your favorite Steve Jobs moments, post a link to it in the comments and we’ll add it to the gallery.


  • Cesar Florez

    great collection of vids.. RIP top JObs.. We will all miss him …

  • Greg Morgan

    All these years of great products… and all the internet comments I read from people who are either too young, or choose not to acknowledge this company’s accomplishments, don’t seem to realise the scale of Apple’s contribution to the consumer electronics market.

    Apple redefine each category they enter and it’s incredible to see how all other companies rush to catch up (or in some cases, imitate). Not just in the way a device looks, but what it’s made of, how it’s built, how we interact with it and what we generally come to expect from it. And even after years of seeing how it’s done, very few competitors have the nous or the bravery to pull off something similar.

    I remember when all of these products (bar the original Macintosh) were first shown to the world and what a breath of fresh air they all were. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

  • rlowe

    I like it when Steve showed everyone the fake concept of Original iPhone, as it was amazing too.

  • robert_walter

    Your compendium is missing Steve’s last public appearance vid ever.

    Steve presenting new office concept to Cupertino city council…

    Aside from the embarrassingly idiotic and obsequious behaviors of the council, Steve keeps his cool and makes one last wonderful (talking about H&P and fruit trees) forward looking presentation.

  • shade/ohio

    rip steve god blaess u

  • iSteve

    First, thanks a lot Buster for these videos.

    Watching them makes me feel that Steve is here with us and Apple. I miss him so much especially during WWDC and Apple special events.

    I love you Steve and thanks a lot for making me “Stay hungry, stay foolish”…RIP iPapy