PadPivot Could Be The Last iDevice Stand You Ever Need



PadPivot is one of those gadgets which at first appears completely absurd, but then grows on you as you see what it can do. It starts off looking like an over-engineered solution for an non- problem: putting an iPad on your lap. But then you see it stick, prop, and fold, and it all starts to look rather compelling.

The PadPivot unfolds from a tiny, cartoon-bomb-shaped package and — with a little un-hooking and twisting — becomes a stand with a lipped front edge and an adjustable back rest, suitable for propping up any size of phone or table (or probably even a phablet). But the secret is in the top of that back rest. It has nano-suction.

Nano suction means that it’s covered in a clever adhesive which lets you endlessly stick and unstick smooth, glossy gadgets and it’ll not only clamp them tight, but it’ll never wear out — you just clean the dust off once in a while. I have a few iPad cases and the like with the same kind of setup and — once you learn to trust it — it works very well indeed.

The nano sticker, then, sits on top of a rocking, rotating gimbal, which in turn sits on top of the base, which is curved to fit your thigh. Now you can position the iPad in your lap any way you want.

You probably wouldn’t pay out for any one of these features, but when combined into one super-neat package, the $40 asking price seems like a deal. If you’re a less fickle type than me, it might be the last iDevice stand you’re going to need in quite a while.

Source: PadPivot

Thanks: Madison!

  • E Sizzle

    I was a backer of the original padpivot kickstarter campaign…and I LOVE IT. I have 2 of them and the get used everyday. Great design, great product.

  • Mark Stull

    looks like a waste of precious metals!!

  • Mikael Hansen

    I’ve had this for about 6 months, and I absolutely love it.
    I’ll be keeping this product in use until it breaks, and afterwards I’ll buy a new one.
    I seriously doubt there will be a better stand in the next few years.

  • RaptorOO7

    I too was an original backer of Padpivot when it was a Kickstarter campaign and use it as well. I keep one at home and one my bag for on the go use. Very use and solid device.