Passbook Gets New Apps, Services, Continues To Grow


Passbook New Apps

So, the wacky little app-thingy that we all wondered about in iOS 6, Passbook, seems like it’s starting to grow up a bit. Now, when you tap the App Store button in the Passbook App, the new “Apps for Passbook” section of the iTunes App Store, only available via your iPhone running iOS, has quite a few new apps available.

Quite a few new businesses are involved, it seems, as you can see in the expanded listing. There’s Airbnb, Eventbrite, Ticketmaster, and, while I’m not seeing these in in my list, MacNN is calling out McDonalds (France only for now), American Express, StubHub and apps in Passbook.

Airbnb is a short term accommodation matching service, connecting rooms and other properties to rent with potential renters, while Eventbrite lets anyone plan events, sell tickets, and publicize those events via an app and matching orange card swipe dongle, like Square or Paypal’s, only for event tickets.

Having these established companies join Passbook, as well as new startups planning to add Passbook support, like mobile app rewards network Kiip and Billguard, a credit and debit card protection company, can only be a sign that Passbook is here to stay, and may in fact turn into an indispensable part of our daily lives.

Source: MacNN

  • joewaylo

    Apple needs to make an “apps for passbook” category. Only way to reveal more is to delete your existing passbook coupons and cards then restore them later. Some of which you don’t want to delete and restore like Walgreens and Starbucks.

    I tried searching “Passbook” on the App Store and there were only two results that were related. Others pointed to nonpassbook applications like their own smart wallets for credit cards.

  • themgrahame

    Still frustratingly weak in the UK for this.

  • bking2911

    Agree with u joe

  • wednesday181

    I could not agree with Joe more. It’s the most frustrating thing, because once you get an item or two in Passbook and like how it works (as I do), going back and finding when new apps become available is nearly impossible through Apple directly. I have to go search 3rd party sites often to get news of when a new app adds compatibility and it’s incredibly odd that this kind of oversight would happen on an app they’ve been touting in advertising as one of the big new features of iOS6. Of course, after the Maps debacle, I suppose it shouldn’t surprise me anymore, but I am rather disappointed. Just a simple category being added to the mobile App Store would suffice.

  • JFKilshae

    There’s a section on the Featured page for them here in Canada

  • Ryan Fitzpatrick

    I used the Starbucks pass this morning and was disappointed to find that the pass didn’t appear on my lock screen as I approached my favorite store. I watched my screen as I approached and all the way up to the drive through window. Nothing. I wonder if anyone has this issue or if its a flaw with the Starbucks card?

  • nthnm

    Passbook seems especially useless in Canada.

  • bleck2psc

    Concert venues and some airports do “not support that technology” yet. At this point you should still print out tickets till they catch up

  • technochick

    As nifty as this idea is I think it would be more useful if it worked like Newsstand does and was an app container for the whole app and not just one little part. Either that are just have it as a function in the apps without this extra ‘passbook app’ that seems pointless at the moment

  • Hagoleshet

    There’s also BillGuard for Passbook which offers your to add your US credit cards as passes so that you can check your balance and get alerts for suspicious charges.

  • danpeg

    I love seeing innovative uses for Passbook – the latest ones:
    Med Passes:
    BillGuard (credit card monitoring):