Camera Awesome Makes iPad Camera Awesome



Camera Awesome, the iPhone camera app that actually is pretty awesome, has been update to support the iPad. Better, it’s now a Universal app, which means that if you already own the iPhone version, this one now works on your iPad, too, for no extra charge. Actually, even for new customers the app is free.

Camera Awesome – like arch-rival Camera+ – not only snaps photos but lets you process them from within the app. But because it is made by the folks behind photo-sharing site SmuMug, you can also choose to have you pictures upload to online storage as you shoot them.

Feature-wise, the two apps are comparable – it’ll come down to which interface you prefer. Both let you split the focus and exposure metering points with a flick of the fingers, both offer burst modes, self timers and the like. Camera Awesome has a neat level which uses an old-timey split line to show how level you are holding the iPad, and glows when aligned.

You can also shoot video, add grungy and colored effects either post or as you shoot, and both apps use the iPad’s bigger display to show info like the histogram, a map and your edit history when in playback view.

It’s a great update, and finally the iPad – with its huge retina screen and great 5MP camera – is getting the photo apps it deserves. And you really, really can’t argue with the price.

Source: Camera Awesome

Thanks: Christina!


  • mr_bee

    I wish when reviewers say something is “free” that it actually was free.

    There is “free,” there is “freemium,” and there is “free with advertisements.” Only one of these is actually “free.”

    This app isn’t.