Use Quick Look With Multiple Files, Impress Your Geeky Mac Friends [OS X Tips]


Quick Look and Multiple Files

You’ve used Quick Look a lot, right? I know I have. I’ve use it a ton to browse through bunches of images on my Desktop when trying to decide which Screenshot I want to put at the top of these OS X tips.

But there’s much more you can do with multiple files and Quick Look, including a sweet index view that I just found out about myself. Follow along at home, and I’ll show you how.

First of all, select a bunch of files on your Mac. Shift-Click them, Command-click them, drag a box around them, whatever. Just head into the finder and select more than four or five to get the full effect. Now, hit the Spacebar key to invoke Quick Look.

Looks familiar, right? Well, if you hit the up or down arrow on your keyboard, you’ll unselect al the files you just selected, and then begin browsing them in order in the Finder window you have active. However, if you use the right and left arrows, you’ll be viewing, via Quick Look, only the files you selected. That means that if you selected a bunch of non-contiguous files, you won’t have to Quick Look at the ones you didn’t select. Just use those right/left arrows.

See that little button with the tiny squares in it? That’s the index button. Click it with your mouse when you have multiple files selected and up in Quick Look, and you’ll get that slick and useful index view of all the files you selected, right in Quick Look. You can resize the Quick Look box, as well, just like you would any other window on the Mac: hover over the side or corner of the Quick Look window, then click and drag when you see the directional arrow icon in place of the arrow mouse cursor.

Now you have yet one more way to work with Quick Look and multiple files. Your skills know no bounds, and you’re sure to impress the cooler of your Mac-using friends when you show them this tip.

Via: Computerworld

  • davehornsby

    And if you hold down the Option (Alt) button when you press the spacebar you’ll go into full screen browsing mode… The index view looks even better and you get an option to add the current image straight into iPhoto…

  • Jerry Mac

    add to that full screen option, it kicks off into a slide show automatically.

  • betterUIcoding

    … hold down the Option (Alt) button …

    Yes, that’s the “magic carpet ride” button in Mac OS since its early days… ;-)
    If you’re bored, and you want to explore your Mac a bit more, try your menu bars, context menus, even icons on Toolbars — they change behavior quite often… BTW, option changes the Quick View icon to a play triangle symbol.
    Very nice you added this, the only thing missing is the way out; either press the “Esc” button (Escape), or click on the symbol with the ? (circled x or times) on it.