Starbucks App Update Includes New Passbook Support, iOS 6 Compatibility


Starbucks Update iOS 6

Starbucks just updated its iOS app to work with iOS 6 and Passbook, Apple’s new virtual wallet app. The update lets users store virtual card info in both the Starbucks app as well as Passbook, which will allow them to access the card much more easily, in the iPhone lock screen itself.

The update also includes an easier sign up process for Starbucks’ Rewards system, allowing for new accounts to be created within the app, as well as multiple bug fixes, data optimization, and performance improvements.

Users will continue to use the Starbucks app itself to refill their virtual card balances, but can show the card’s balance and barcode for scanning via Passbook at checkout.

Of course, Passbook is only on iOS devices running iOS 6. The Starbucks app itself is compatible with iOS 5 and up, however, and it is not yet fully iPhone 5 compatible–it runs on my iPhone 5 with the little black bars above and below the app.

Currently, Passbook is only available for iPhones running iOS 6, and automatically adjusts the display to take advantage of the iPhone 5’s 4-inch Retina display if available. The Starbucks app is compatible with all iOS devices capable of running iOS 5 or later.

Via: MacNN
Source: App Store

  • BenjyWeeks

    No passbook in the UK. Poor effort Starbucks.

  • ddkkpp

    No support in Canada either… Really… How hard is it? I am disappoint.

  • chuckmcginley

    Qualification Disclaimer: I own(ed)
    – Every iPhone model since inception
    – 4 iPods including the original scroll wheel model pre-windows.
    – Multiple Powerbooks and a 30″ Cinema Display
    – Two iPads
    – Just about every other Apple accessory you can think of including T-Shirts from company store..
    So you get the idea…

    Just so I get this passbook thing all okalie doakalied out:
    1. I get paid and my check gets auto deposited into my checking/ATM account
    2. I went to Starbucks store long ago and bought a card and used my ATM Debit card. (I recharge it too)
    3. I download the Starbucks App onto my phone.
    4. I enter the card into Startbucks App on my phone.
    5. It passes it to Passbook.
    6. I can now use Passbook to pay…. Or my Starbucks App… Or my Starbucks card… Or my ATM debit card… Or actual cash….

    Gee that’s so easy… Now I can see why no one would ever just want to use their ATM card at Starbucks.

    This is crazy… I just don’t get this NFC phone pay /QR code garbage..

    The only thing I have seen that makes any sense is Square. Run a yard sale and people can pay you directly with their ATM/Credit card. Oh.. Starbucks uses Square too… :-)

  • jtt1975

    As BenjyWeeks has pointed out already, no Passbook support for UK version. VERY disappointing Starbucks. How do we find out when Starbucks enhancing UK app version?

  • nthnm

    As ddkkpp said, doesn’t seem to work in Canada. Even so, I don’t see myself actually using it. It’s just as easy to open the Starbucks app.

    @chuckmcginley If you pay with anything other than the Starbucks card, you don’t receive points/stars. At least not in Canada. If you’re paying $2+ for a coffee, you may as well get points so you get a free coffee every 12 drinks or whatever.