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Arcade Retro Rhythm Game Bit.Trip Core Hits Steam



The retro-wacky Bit.Trip series, originally published on the WiiWare downloadable game service for Nintendo’s Wii console, has started showing up on Steam. The second game in a six-game series, Bit.Trip Core serves up some psychedelic visuals married to a fantastic chiptune soundtrack, which is available if you purchase the $12 version of the game.

The best part? Bit.Trip Core, like the other three Steam-available games from the Bit.Trip series, is available for the Mac.

If you want to purchase the three Bit.Trip games available on Steam, and you should, the aptly-named Bit.Trip Collection is a mere $36, and contains Bit.Trip Beat, Bit.Trip Runner, Bit.Trip Core, and the soundtracks to each. Here’s the weird thing, though. Beat is the first game in the series, while Runner is the fourth. Core is the second, which makes Bit.Trip anything just hella confusing, but completely engaging to play and listen to.

Bit.Trip Core on the Wii is played with the D-Pad only, so this computer-centric version must map those four buttons to different keys, either WASD or the arrow keys, I’d assume. The object is to control the Core, a ship in the shape of a plus symbol which hangs out in the middle of the screen. The Core must fire its lasers in one of the four directions to collect the little dot beats. Miss enough beats and the screen gets all monochrome on you, and soon enough it’s Game Over. There are three total levels, each 15 min long.

It’s a rhythm game. It’s also an arcade game. And it’s frustratingly fun. Be sure to check it out today on your Mac via the Steam Store.

Source: Steam
Via: Joystiq