Apple Fanboys, This Is The Perfect Portable Speaker For You



If your iPhone 5 speakers aren’t loud enough when you’re trying to have an impromptu Lady Gaga dance party, you might wanna look into getting a portable speaker that can keep your beats fast and your base down low.

The iAudio 2 portable bluetooth speaker is perfect for Apple Fanboys. It even looks like something Apple would make and comes with a glowing Apple logo on the front, which really means that Apple’s going to slam iAudio with a cease and desist letter pretty soon, so grab it while you still can.

The iAudio2 comes in classic Apple white or perfect Apple black and can connect to any iPhone via Bluetooth. It’s tiny. So tiny it can fit in your back pocket if that’s where you like to carry your speakers. Just hook the little cube up via USB to charge it and you’re ready to go.

The iAudio2 doesn’t have speakerphone capabilities, but it does have a few analog control buttons on the unit so you can turn it off/on, skip tracks and pause. It’s simple and only costs $29.99 which is the same price as Apple’s new EarPods, except the iAudio2 is certainly not going to be around very long once Apple finds out about its existence.

Source: iAudio