The New Square Directory Will Tell You When And Where You Can Ditch Your Wallet



I want to be able to ditch my wallet so bad, mostly because I have a tendency to lose it or forget it at home. But I never ever leave home without my iPhone, and yeah, Passbook is cool but businesses aren’t really using it yet and I’m impatient. I just want the future to be here right now.

I’ve been really intrigued by Wired’s Christina Bonnington as she’s trying to live a walletless life, and it seems like one of the biggest hurdle right now is knowing where you can ditch your wallet and pay for goods with a service like Square, and where you can’t.  Right now it seems like Square is trying harder than anyone to help you ditch your wallet, and they just made things a little easier by creating Square Directory so you can see all the places you can pay for goods with Square Wallet.

Square Directory is a web-based search engine that allows users to find merchants and restaurants that accept Square payments. Users can search the directory based on location or even by the particular item you’re looking to buy at the time. Right now the directory already boasts 200,000 businesses in its listings but it’s expanding everyday.

Speaking on the launch of Square Directory, Ajit Varma, director of directory said:

“Square directory gives people the power to instantly find whatever they are craving, from a BLT to a bicycle. Everyday the directory grows with diverse businesses and allows them to display item-level information to new customers.”

Square is used by over 2 million individuals and businesses, but one thing that I’ve noticed about Square Directory is that it doesn’t include every business that accepts Square payments yet. I know a few coffee shops in the Phoenix area that use Square but aren’t listed in the directory, but hopefully more businesses will jump on board soon so I can come and give them my money.


Source: TechCrunch