Get Ready For The Penultimate Walking Dead The Game Episode With This Creepy Trailer


Watch out, you might find yourself gaming before too long.
Watch out, you might find yourself gaming before too long.

The Walking Dead: Episode Four – Around Every Corner is coming this month to Mac, PC, and consoles like PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Publisher Telltale Games promises only a short lag before the final episode is released, thereby capping the entire five episode series.

The video game is set in the same Walking Dead universe you know from the comic books and AMC television show, but follows different characters, including Lee Everett, the main protagonist for the episodes. The new trailer takes the cast, many of whom will change due to a persistent game system that forces players to live with their own tough choices in each episode. Who did you save? Who got killed? The survivors and mounting dead characters are your own fault, a result of your own heroism.

The upcoming Episode Four, Around Every Corner, is written by Gary Whitta, the writer of The Book Of Eli, an underrated post-apocalyptic sci-fi movie that starred Denzel Washington. The characters find themselves at a creepy hospital in Savannah, forced to face both the undead and the very real depredations of the human beings that lived and worked there before. It also looks like Clementine’s walkie talkie takes on a creepy significance in this episode as well.

The episode, teased in the trailer below, should be out soon, with No Time Left, the final planned episode for The Walking Dead The Game, coming out fairly soon after.