New Nest Thermostat: Thinner, Sleeker, Better. Sound Familiar?



“Father of the iPod” Tony Fadell’s company Nest has released version 2.0 of its Apple-like thermostat. And like any good Apple update, the Nest 2.0 is thinner, better and good-looking-er.

The original Nest was pretty neat — if you didn’t mind spending like $250 on a thermostat. It was easy to install, hooked up to your Wi-Fi network to talk to your iPhone or iPad, and would learn your habits over time and start controlling the heating automatically, switching it off when you left for work, for example.

The new one is the same, but better. The already handsome circle loses the front grille and gains a shiny steel body to reflect the wall behind it and better blend into your decor.

Inside it’s even easier to install: screw it to the wall, poke the wires through its central hole and shove them into the press-in connectors. V2.0 is also compatible with more central heating systems thanks to some extra wiring hookups, and in combination with the new 3.0 app (launched today) it supports several brand-specific hardware functions. Fadell’s blog post is worth reading just for the marketing-speak names of these features: “True Radiant” and “Heat Pump Balance” are my favorites.

The new Nest goes on sale later this month for $250, and the old one can be had for $230 until stocks are gone. I wonder if this is the beginning of us upgrading our thermostats every year, just like our iPads? After all, that old 1.0 Nest sure looks ugly and fat right now.

Source: Nest

  • FriarNurgle

    Someone should seriously give me one of these to… you know… test out… for science and stuff.

  • Martin Dobson

    wow… their hand model is gorgeous

  • seaaalex

    If you research it a little ( like I did and decided not to buy this half baked product over priced) Apparently it wasn’t so easy to install lots of people had problems with them. Just because its pretty doesn’t mean it will work well.

  • Mark Pelletier

    We’ve had the “fully baked” Nest thermostat since December. Easy to install, learned our patterns, provides exactly the functionality as promised. Could not be easier to use!

    v3.0 features will add a little more functionality, especially Early-On, warming my house to my desired temp just in time for my daily calls with India at 7am no matter how cold inside or outside.

    Happy camper!

  • sxduffy

    anyone one else freaked by it’s HAL resemblance ?

  • allanmullaly

    It’s cool to see the good thermostat here. i have best Honeywell thermostats at home so working good..

  • johnwood

    I love such things which make the human life so easier and so comfortable. Just like my commercial refrigeration service!