iPhone 5 Popularity Causing An App Store Boom [Report]


Apple's App Store continues to grow at an impressive rate.
The iPhone 5 is boosting some app downloads by as much as 700%.
  • ScotHibb

    I have to believe that this is more so due to the release of iOS 6 than it is iPhone 5. For instance, while I waited for my iPhone 5 to come in from Sprint I downloaded/installed iOS 6 on my iPhone 4S, my Gen-3 iPad, my wife’s iPhone 4S as well as her Gen-3 iPad. This, over the period of a week, generated each device to download updates to hundreds of apps, and it continues to climb as I look down at my iPhone 5 that has a notification to download 3 new app updates.
    If this is not the case, one would have to assume the following: previous iPhone users upgraded to the iPhone 5 and suddenly, over the course of a few days, discovered a new fashion app called “cloth” and HAD to have it, thus increasing the download of “Cloth” by 246%. How logical is that???

  • Ben Fold

    Love it or hate it. I personally don’t see the point of upgrading to this. But just in case, this is just an FYI: the iZettle card reader won’t fit the iPhone 5. You will have to use an adapter which will be released in October. The mPowa card reader and others so far I have not known to have any issues with it.

  • ScotHibb

    FYI – I killed the pre-order for my wife as I missed out on the first batch and didn’t want them to take out ANOTHER $924 from my checking account (neither of us are eligible for a 2 year re-up as we re-upped to get the 4S upgrade a year and a half ago with Sprint, and Sprint conveniently killed the mid-contract re-ups). Anyway, I tried three nights strait to get online right at 10pm the first night, then 9pm the other nights to reserve an iPhone 5 for her, but the Apple servers wouldn’t mesh with the Sprint servers and I COULDN’T COMPLETE THE DAMN TRANSACTION…AND you can’t do anything over the phone. SO…I went on a rampage calling every sprint store within a 10-minute drive (12 of them), the first one I called had multiple 16GB phones in black and white, a good number of both color 32MB, but no white 65GB. They also said that they are at the mercy of what Apple sends them and they didn’t received an email that they missed their shipment that day. The second store I called had MORE 16/32GB iPhone 5s AND 3 white and 6 black 64GB phones! I had them hold one, but on my drive to the store I kept calling just to see if it was a fluke, and every store had them,. I called AT&T and Verizon and they too had phones, just not as many as Sprint had on-hand (and this was late in the day).

    So, for ANYONE WAITING FOR A iPhone 5 shipment, don’t, THEY ARE ALL OVER THE PLACE, just invest some time asking Siri to find your carrier’s store! This was last week. I called on Saturday while I was bored driving North, and same thing. What a bunch of BS Hype about “if you want an iPhone 5 before mid October…”. Do you know how much MONEY they are all making charging you for a phone and making interest on your money while making you wait days, weeks, a month??? Should be illegal…