Woz On Maps, iPhone 5, And Why A Post-Jobs Apple Is Stronger Than Ever On This Week’s CultCast



No need to adjust your volume—that really is the Steve Wozniak you’re hearing on episode 34 of our all-new CultCast!

And what an episode it is! Hear Woz’s thoughts on Apple’s new Maps app; his opinions on Apple’s shiny new iPhone 5; and of course, the hot topic on everyone’s mind: EarPods.

Plus, with the anniversary of Steve Job’s death on the horizon, Woz tells us why a post-Jobs Apple is stronger than ever, but needs us iFans to keep it in check.

Note: Some of you have let us know that episode 34 is not showing up on iTunes yet. We’re not sure what’s taking so long, but if you subscribe to The CultCast on iTunes or with Apple’s Podcasts App, it downloads just fine.

Read on for the show notes!

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CultCast #34 – Welcome To The WozCast

On The CultCast this week

  • markrlangston

    I know you guys probably don’t care that you’re losing a listener but after your iPhone 5 podcast I don’t know if I can listen to more of your pissing and moaning.

    Your iPhone 5 wrap-up was violently awful. You were all acting like children and your subdued enthusiasm over the reveal of the iPhone and your totally fact-free, we’ve-never-used-them-but-we-think-they-suck assessment of the EarPods was both sad and laughable.

    Your job is report on every tidbit of Apple news but after seeing the frame, the innards, and even a boot-up screen for nearly 6 months it’s no surprise that you’re not as excited because you’ve fussed over every detail.

    Like waiting to see a girl naked in September but since March you’ve seen a breast here, a butt-cheek there, and at one point you see her completely naked, in the shower, getting dressed, getting undressed, giving guys lap dances in a Vegas bar, even a sex tape; you’ve seen it all.

    When she finally reveals her nakedness in full glory on stage you’re like, eh.

    I just can’t put myself through that agony again. I’ll still visit the site, but I don’t think I can stomach another podcast.

  • MarcWilson73

    Heard you talking about the lack of Lightening adapters in the podcast and wondered why you were only mentioning one type of adapter when there are two that Apple make.

    Turns out that what you might not know is that us over here in the UK (and the rest of Europe) can buy a tiny Lightening to Micro USB adapter that Apple doesn’t sell in the US!

    Here it is, priced at £15 which is around $24:


    I think it has something to do with an EU law that says all mobiles must be able to be able to use USB. Thing is that this tiny adapter also works with my car stereo the same as my old 30-pin iPhone 4 did, with no lost of functionality.

    You need to put pressure on Apple US to get them to sell them over there or befriend someone over this side of the pond. :-)