Check Up On Favorite Sports Teams The Right Way With Siri [iOS Tips]



I’ve been told that sports are a popular pastime. Some of my best friends love to keep track of sports scores, team rankings, and individual player statistics. If I get pulled into a conversation about sports with any of them soon, I’m totally pulling out my iPhone 5, and I’ll be able to keep pace with their conversation. Or, at least throw out tasty facts that will totally impress them.

Siri is a great personal assistant, helping you create reminders, text friends, and the like. But Siri also has a way of interpreting ordinary questions about things like, yes, sports. Here are some of the best ways to ask her for the latest updates on your favorite teams and sports.

Let’s start with a basic query about a specific baseball team, “How did the Mets do yesterday?” Siri returns “The Mets were downed by the Pirates yesterday; the final score was 10 to 6.” I applaud her use of the semi-colon; it’s often misused. How about them Dodgers, Siri? “The Dodgers lost a close one to the Padres yesterday; the final score was 2 to 1.” Poor Dodgers.

You can also ask about schedules. For example, “When is the next Giants game?” returned “The Giants – Eagles game is Sunday at 4:20 pm,” along with a nice little graphic of the game from Yahoo Sports. It’s nice to see Yahoo! getting some skin in the game, here, so to speak.

How is your favorite team doing? Just ask, “How are the Dodger’s doing?” and you’ll get a picture chart of the MLB teams, with the requested team’s standing in bold font. Nice touch.

Siri will even clarify your question. I asked, “When is the next Cardinals game?” To which, Siri replied, “Which Cardinals, St. Louis or Arizona?” When I said “Arizona,” she told me that the next Cardinals game was against the Dolphins on Sunday at 12:05 pm. Good to know, Siri, thanks!

Even though I’m not a sports-watcher, I’m pretty impressed by the ease and fluidity of the process. Siri shows a strong understanding of the different colloquial ways to ask questions about sports teams, and any sports fan will love this feature.

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Via: Laptop Mag

  • timCberry

    When using the built-in camera app, the user can hold his/her finger on the screen to lock the focus. So then the auto-focus doesn’t ruin their next instagram hit.

  • Bob Smogango

    I haven’t seen not one complaint about Siri since iOS 6. So where’s the media’s “We’re sorry for blowing things out of proportion, Siri in iOS 6 ROCKS” apology?