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Apple Related Crime Is Up 40 Percent In New York City



Thieves love iPhones and Apple products. But the theives in New York City? Those dudes have a fiery lustful passion for Apple products. So much so that Apple product theft now accounts for 14 percent of all crime in New York City according to the NYPD. Even though NYC’s crime rate only rose four percent this year compared to 2011, Apple product theft rose a whopping 40 percent.

The NYPD received over 11,447 reports of stolen Apple products this year from January 1 to September 23rd. To help cut theft of Apple products, the NYPD stations officers at 21 stores in the city and helped buyers register their new devices so they can be traced back to the owner if stolen. Only 1,500 new phones were registered, but it’s a start.

Earlier this year the NYPD deployed officers that have the ability to track down stolen iPhones. Paul Browne, a spokesman for the NYPD said, “Our emphasis on prevention and investigation of Apple thefts stems from the fact that they are a magnet for crime, including robberies, driving the spike we’ve experienced this year.”

To help prevent theft and recover lost devices, Cult of Mac always recommends that users sign up for Apple’s Find My iPhone service on all device. To turn Find My iPhone on for your new iPhone 5, go to Settings >> iCloud >> Find My iPhone “On”.


Source: Bloomberg

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