Super-Flexible Case Will Probably Fit Every Phone You Ever Own



Some gadget accessories just keep coming back, getting useful again after they've been sat at the back of a kitchen drawer of a closet for a few months, or even a few years. I have an acrylic business-card display thingy which has done duty as an iPad 1 stand, a speaker hook, a phone charging station and –right now — an iPad 3 movie-watching stand. And I thought €8 was expensive for a piece of bent Perspex.

The ItFits looks like that kind of accessory. It bends to fit almost any small phone-sized gadget, and acts as both a stand and a clip. Let's take a look:

The stand is bendy so it'll fit any phone or iPod Touch, with or without a case. And the stand round back works in portrait and landscape modes. But the part that'll probably keep you coming back is the stand which doubles as a clip, and lets you clamp to to almost anything. The promo video suggests the sun visors in your car, but it'll work on books, airplane seat backs, pretty much anything you like.

The ItFits case comes in six colors, and costs just $15. Allowing for exchange rates, that's around the same as I paid for my own plastic widget around three years ago. Available now for pre oder, ships in November.

Source: itFitsYourLife

Thanks: Meg

  • FriarNurgle

    Bet you 15 bucks it will scratch your gadgets.

  • Eric

    That’s a bracket, not a case.

  • itfitsyou

    FriarNurgle, we would never scratch your gadgets, cross our hearts. We’re soft and flexible and we wrap around the device using pressure to bracket it – no sharp edges in sight. Pinky swears. Megan @itFitsYou