Apple’s iPhone 5 User Guide Tells You Everything You Need To Know About Your New iPhone And iOS 6



With every major release of iOS and a new iPhone, Apple typically offers its official user guide online for free. What’s odd is that Apple doesn’t promote this resource at all, yet it’s still available. Each iOS device purchase comes with a little booklet to help familiarize a new customer with the basics of the device and iOS itself, but the full user guide is much more thorough and extensive.

Apple has an official user guide out for the iPhone 5 and iOS 6. The 365 page guide is available for anyone to view on the web, and Apple has also made it available for free in the iBookstore.

Here’s everything you need to know about iPhone, in a handy eBook format. Get to know iPhone and discover all the amazing things it can do, and how to do them. It’s the definitive guide for getting the most from your new iPhone, straight from Apple. The iPhone User Guide is an essential part of any iPhone library.

Most of the stuff inside is very basic, and chances are you already know everything there is to know about the iPhone 5 and iOS 6 if you read Cult of Mac. But for someone who has never used an iPhone before, like a technically-challenged family member, this guide is a godsend. Next time a friend or loved one comes to you with basic questions about their new iPhone or iOS 6, just refer them to this free resource offered by Apple.

Source: iBookstore

  • SupaMac

    Alex, I like how you had a post dedicated to buying a BLACK 16GB iPhone 5, then later had a post about how you purchased the White one. Amusing.

  • ley la

    my iphone 5c has no usage facility on the general tab, and i can not access the whole memory. is this normal or there i another way of boosting memory?