Use Siri The Right Way To Check The Weather Forecast [iOS Tips]


Siri Weather

The iPhone 5 and iOS 6 have brought a new, more powerful Siri into the limelight. We thought it might be time to start looking for ways to best query the spunky digital assistant for a variety of tasks, like checking the weather, for example.

Being able to use your voice to find out the forecast for the next several days is a fantastic feature that more folks might use, if only they knew the right way to ask. While Siri definitely handles natural-language questions with aplomb, you can help her understand your intent better by using the following types of questions.

Try the following. Invoke Siri with a tap and hold on the Home button, and say, “What’s the weather for today?” Even better for those planning a trip out of doors tomorrow: ask, “What’s the weather for tomorrow?” or “Check next five-day forecast for Anchorage, AK.” Of course, you’ll want to insert your own city or region into that last bit, unless you want to find out how rainy it is here.

Siri can handle more abstract questions, as well, like “Will it rain in Seattle this week?” and
“How’s the weather in Houston right now?” She can also deal with forecast-specific language, like, “What’s the high for Anchorage on Thursday?” or “How windy is it out there?”

Taking things a bit further, try this. Ask Siri, “When is sunrise in Madrid?” or “When is sundown in Boston?” Siri has all sorts of ways of figuring out what you mean, and these kinds of questions really get at her power.

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  • chrisbaker3

    Siri and weather isn’t working for those of us in NYC. I’ve asked for “New York, New York” and “Brooklyn, New York” and have gotten the weather for the same named cities in TX and OH, respectively.

    Someone at the data center needs to get it together.

  • calitb

    Siri has access to weather since iOS5, this is last year news