Check Out Apple’s New TV Ads For iPhone 5 And EarPods [Video]


Apple has released four new TV spots, and three of them tout the brand new iPhone 5. One ad is specifically devoted to EarPods, highlighting the design process Apple went through to create its new earphones.

Unlike the failed Genius ads from the Olympics, these 4 new ads feel much more like classic Apple. Each iPhone 5 spot is 30 seconds and focuses on a particular aspect of the device.

We’ve embedded the other two iPhone 5 ads and the EarPods ad below:

Our favorite adman Ken Segall also seems to love the new ads:

This new campaign is beautifully produced and a pleasure to watch. It sends exactly the right message — not just about the products, but about the company that creates them.

Source: Apple

  • Kent Garrison

    Loved the Jeff Daniels narration

  • Jonathan Ober

    Loved the Jeff Daniels narration

    He’s like the white Morgan Freeman. I could listen to him forever ha. Loved him in Newsroom!

  • Martin Dobson

    Very well done. The Cheese is a little cheesy… but it fits. I like ’em

  • Sean_Mapstone

    They are terrible. Apple’s ads used to be and should be snappy, understated and clever. These are dumb and have a feeling of desperation to make the features known. I’m a big apple fan but don’t like the direction they are going with these ads.

  • dougmcarthur

    Jeff Daniels is the perfect friendly voice for these ads.

  • MisterL30N

    These ads suck. I’m very concerned about Apple’s new “direction” or lack thereof. The only thing that has been consistent with Apple lately is their LACK of consistency. C’mon, Apple, we’re counting on you. Get it together, and get off Samsung and Google’s dick already. I’ve had an iPhone since the original and my MacBook Pro since 2008. Back then, in the “glory days” of the iPhone, it was about making kick ass products, not slamming competitors to the ground. I’m looking at you iOS 6 Maps. What a shame this is.

  • MrsCleaver

    Hmmm. I’m an iPhone lover, earphone user and Apple fanatic. That said, I don’t share all the hoopla about the new earPods, or whatever they’re calling them, and the ads are therefore misleading, at least to me.

    More bass? Most certainly, compared to any former Apple earbud, but that’s not saying much. Do they stay in the ear? Not in mine, and I don’t have oddly-shaped ear canals. I’m constantly having to push them in place.

    I have expensive Altec earbuds, expensive Shure earbuds, and a $30 pair of Sony’s with inline control. The Sony’s sound almost as good as the others, and they never fall out of my ear. Once in place (like the others), they do not have to constantly be pushed back in, as do the super new Apple’s.

    This is not the first time Apple has released a “better” in-ear headphone. They were even more money than the new ones, complete with little plastic box. Those didn’t work well, either. Sounded poor and… always fell out. I believe there’s a reason virtually every other maker of earbud headphone uses some kind of silicone earpieces: they help keep the tiny buds in place. I imagine Apple has made strides in the acoustic drivers, but if only they’d stick to a proven fit-technology. Back to my Sonys… or Shures.

    Love the iPhone 5, but the earphones don’t work for me. Others results will vary, of course.