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Weirder Every Year: The History Of iPhone Launch Lines [Gallery]



iPhone launch days, like today, are freaking insane. Rabid fans across the globe line up for hours or even days just to make sure they get Apple’s newest iPhone. It’s always been that way and it gets weirder every year.

Even though this is only the sixth iPhone launch day in the history of the world, iPhone launch days have a rich history of being a little bit odd, with people wearing funny costumes, crazy attention, Apple retail staff cheering like crazy, and just straight up weirdness surrounding the launch of a new electronic device.

Here’s a look at each iPhone launch day in history:

June, 29th 2007 Original iPhone –

Apple didn’t even sell 1 million original iPhones on launch day, but the media circus surrounding it was crazy.


Digg founder Kevin Rose camped out for the original iPhone.
Even Woz had to wait in line.
El Jobso himself dropped by the Palo Alto Apple Store to check things out.


Apple retail staff cheered customers on like they were heroes – which was pretty ridiculous.
By the time you finally got your iPhone, you felt like a zombie.
Greg Packer grabbed a lot of media attention by camping out in front of the 5th Ave Apple Store four days early, shirtless.


July 11th, 2008 – iPhone 3G

The iPhone 3G launch sold 1 million units the first weekend.
A lot of people started camping out early for the iPhone 3G than the original iPhone.
Some lines even had the red carpet treatment.
The 5th Ave Store was packed with people wanting an iPhone 3G.
And Woz waited in line, again.

June 19th, 2009 – iPhone 3GS

Apple sold 1 million iPhone 3GS units the first weekend
People outside the 5th Ave Store got rained on.
The iPhone 3GS launch day marked the time when people really started to use the lines to promote their businesses.
People in Tokyo started wearing iPhone hats.
The lines seemed to be shorter for the iPhone 3GS than in previous years.
Woz decided he would just cut the line that year.