Widespread WiFi Outage Affected All iOS 6 Users, Should Be Fixed Now


Will we finally be able to block those late-night, slurred-word phone calls? Here's to hoping.
Will we finally be able to block those late-night, slurred-word phone calls? Here's to hoping.

We’ve been getting a bunch of tips saying that WiFi connectivity in iOS 6 is not working. Many of you have been tweeting us about the issue, and “WiFi” is currently a trending topic on Twitter. There’s also a lively Apple Support forum discussion on the topic.

Yes, there appears to be a problem in iOS 6 with the way Safari handles URL redirection on Apple’s end, but the good news is that the problem is being fixed. In fact, many are saying that Apple has already fixed it.

This was a server-side glitch that couldn’t be fixed apart from Apple’s intervention. According to developer Steve Streza, it’s Apple’s “captive network detection page 404ing” in iOS 6 that was the issue. If WiFi in iOS 6 still isn’t working for you, try toggling WiFi off and back on. Select your network, tap the little blue arrow, scroll down, and tap “Renew Lease.” You should be good to go.

  • ddevito

    My iPad can’t connect. Stupid.

  • Amber Millar

    Didn’t work for my phone :(. Still not connecting.

  • ali_plus

    was having problem for only 25-30 minutes. Working fine now

  • Benjamen Scott

    I’m still having issues as well. My 3G is having trouble loading things too.

  • technochick

    it actually isn’t an iOS 6 issue but a general iOS one. I had it happen yesterday for about 10 minutes on my iphone and ipad, neither of which were updated yet.

    not a shock given the traffic of everyone and their brother, sister etc trying to get iOS 6 on the same day. Stuff was bound to go bork. Better yesterday than adding that chaos to tomorrow

  • Eddie Lang

    I have 2 iPhone 4 units, neither working, tried all supposed fixes, including a complete system restore (WOT but Apple tech insisted). I have toggled, re-set network settings, tried auto for http proxy, tried every single tick they suggested and the result is zero. What a joke. Worse, you can’t roll back upgrade to this POS system. Meanwhile, people are lining up to buy this product? Go figure.