Time Warner Says They Would Let Apple Have Complete Control Over TV Interface




While Apple still hasn’t released a full-fledged television, rumors have been circulating that they might be working on a cable set-top box for cable providers as well. The big question has been whether or not cable providers would allow Apple to come in and take control of the TV experience.

According to Time Warner Cable’s COO, they’d be more than happy to let Apple come in and have control of the TV interface if it makes the customers’ experience better.

Rob Marcus, COO of Time Warner Cable, said the cable giant is working on a cloud-based TV experience and is open to giving up control of the user interace to Apple to make the service more accessible. Marcus said that giving an outsider like Apple control of their interface would depend on circumstances though, and that “it really is all about maximizing capabilities to give Time Warner Cable customers the best possible experience.”

Marcus’s comments came after reports that TW Cable has been talking to Apple about a possible agreement where Apple would provide or control the cable firm’s user interface via a device similar to the current AppleTV.

Although Apple has repeatedly stated that their AppleTV business is more of a hobby than anything else, many experts believe Apple will make a big push into the living room and try to change the television and cable industry the same way they revolutionized music, phones, and tablets.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

  • RaptorOO7

    I’m all for a better interface than Time Warner Cable (when I move into their signal range) but as these ISP’s look to set bandwidth caps having a remote DVR will suck up a lot of data. I prefer to have my DVR storage local and accessible when I want not when the internet say I can.