CloudMagic For iPad Searches Across Mail, Evernote, Dropbox, Everything



CloudMagic 2.0 is a huge update to a (previously) marginally useful search app. Now, with many extra services added along with a native iPad app, CloudMagic is pretty essential if you use any cloud services whatsoever. It lets you search in your Evernote, Dropbox, Gmail and other accounts, instantly

Once you have spent a few minutes with CloudMagic and 1Password, authorizing all your accounts, you can start searching. The default view shows the latest entries from your various services in the leftmost column: Gmail messages, Twitter timeline, Evernote notes and so on. The search box at the top is like OS X's Spotlight, only faster, and usable on anything with a web connection.

Here's the full list of services supported in v2:

Gmail, Google Apps, Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, Dropbox, Box, Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Google Docs, Google Calendar, Google Contacts, Google Chat, iCloud, AOL, and GMX.

The search really goes deep. I'm still waiting for it to index my Gmail Apps and Dropbox (my guess is that I either have a lot of crap in there, or the service is buckling under the load of all the new features, or both), but Evernote results pop up great (and even words in OCRed hand-written texts are searched), and Gmail (regular) results show up way faster than in the native iOS mail app.

It even threads conversations properly and lets you reply to folks right there.

I'm impressed, even more so because CloudMagic is free. Actually, make that less impressed. With a service this good, which obviously uses a huge amount of (expensive) web resources, I'd like to be able to pay for it so that it won't go under, or get bought out by Facebook or Google.

Source: CloudMagic

  • rohitnadhani

    This is Rohit – co-founder of CloudMagic. We are going to roll out a fremium model soon. It will be a clean subscription based model – no ads and we will not use your *data* to monetize.

    We are still working out on the details of the freemium plan.

  • Robert Johnson

    Interesting app. I wonder if they will be able to incorporate other cloud companies eventually.. I use 4sync which imo is the best cloud service bcuz you can search through all your files, without installing such apps as the one described above.