Satechi Makes The Cutest USB Surge Protector, Like, Ever



Satechi’s USB Surge Protector might just be the cutest little surge protector ever seen, with its look of surprised dismay, and its colorful two-tone shell. It even hads a little LED which tells you that it’s still alive, and which will eventually fade to nothing when the unit finally dies. And die it will:

The LED indicator near the top of the unit illuminates green to indicate when the surge protector is providing sufficient protection to your equipment.

When the protection circuitry has been fully consumed by power and current spikes, this LED light will no longer illuminate, indicating that the surge protector should be replaced. [emphasis added]

Even if you don’t need a surge protector, you could probably do with a USB adapter which doesn’t hog a whole power outlet to itself, and the Satechi unit delivers there, with its cute little pass-through socket. Better still, it’ll cost you just $10, which makes the alternatives seem expensive and foolish.

Available now.

Source: Satechi

Thanks: Valerie!