TextExpander-Friendly OmniFocus Update Brings Siri Integration To iPad


OmniFocus for iPad, now with added awesomeness.
OmniFocus for iPad, now with added awesomeness.

OmniFocus for iPad just got a big old update, and it adds two huge features, along with the usual tweaks (and in this case, iOS 6 compatibility).

Now, iPad users can enter tasks using Siri, and everyone can take advantage of TextExpander Touch support.

OmniFocus is pretty awesome already, and I run my work and play from it on my iPad. This update makes it even more useful.

Siri integration is done by checking your reminders every time you launch the app. If OmniFocus finds something new in there, then it’ll import it. Thus, if you set a reminder, the alarm will always sound: the native alarm if you haven’t launched OmniFocus recently, and the OmniFocus alarm if you have.

Like the iPhone integration which came earlier, the parser will recognize times and set them as due dates. Unlike the iPhone version, it won’t work with location-based reminders.

Or rather, Siri won’t accept location-based reminders, and therefore can’t pass them on to OmniFocus. this is a royal pain in the ass as I was hoping that it’d be a workaround to the lack of location reminders on the iPad.

TextExpander support is self explanatory: Type your shortcuts and they expand. David Sparks of MacSparky has a great set of OmniFocus-specific snippets for the Mac, and these will of course work in the Touch version.

This, along with the new iNotes, which lets you sync iOS’ Notes with Evernote, suddenly makes Siri much more useful.

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