Save $20 On The iPhone 5 Lightning Adapter By Purchasing This Knockoff



Still kind of pissed off that you’re going to have to buy a $29 Lightning adapter so all your accessories can play nice with your iPhone 5? Apple’s not even going to include a free adapter with your iPhone 5, just so you’ll have to pay them more money for more adapters, or so you’ll just switch to AirPlay enabled accessories.

Whatever the reason, the price on Apple’s Lightning adapters is terrible, but thankfully the knock-offs have  arrived before the launch of the iPhone 5 and some of them will even save you $20 per adapter, so you can buy as many as you want for all your toys.

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iTronz and Nanotch are selling their Lightning adapters through Amazon right now. The adapter from iTronz only runs $9.99 while Nanotch’s offering is a bit pricier at $17.95. Both will save you a nice chunk of change compared to Apple’s adapter, however these products haven’t been reviewed by anyone so we’d advise you to proceed with caution before you go all willy-nilly and buy 23 adapters.

Source: Cnet

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