iPhone 5 Shipping Estimates Already Slipping To 2-3 Weeks


That didn't take long.
That didn't take long.

The iPhone 5 is set to become Apple’s best-selling product ever released, and so we’re hardly surprised that just an hour after the company started accepting pre-orders, shipping estimates have already slipped. For those in the United States who haven’t yet pre-ordered, you can now expect a two-week delay before your iPhone 5 is dispatched, while some territories are now being quoted “2-3 weeks.”

It literally took just one hour for iPhone 5 shipping estimates to slip to two weeks, so if you didn’t get your order in early, it’s unlikely you’ll receive your device until early October.

It’s even worse for those in the United Kingdom, who are now facing a 2-3-week wait if they choose a black iPhone 5 with 32GB of storage. Other models are still at two weeks right now, but we’re expecting those to slip pretty soon, too.

In comparison, it took nearly an entire day for shipping estimates to slip for the iPhone 4S last year, which gives you some idea of just how big the iPhone 5 is going to be.

If you want your iPhone 5 on launch day, then, and you haven’t yet pre-ordered, you may have to prepare yourself for queuing up outside your local Apple store. You may also be able to get the device through your carrier, but they’re likely to have sold their initial stock just as quickly as Apple. It’s certainly worth checking, though.

Source: Apple

  • FriarNurgle

    I ordered at 4:04 this morning… yeah yeah, I fell asleep, give me a break. Ship date is 2 weeks for me.

  • Martin Vera

    I ordered 3 at 7:15CST this morning and got email stating I will receive on 9/21/12. What carriers is reporting that they are 2-3 weeks out?

  • suz5ive

    Damn I’m so glad I passed out early, set my alarm to wake me just before 3am EST. I was able to order around 3:15-3:20 for the 64GB black AT&T. The Apple online store wasn’t accessible til 5-10 mins after the posted 3:01am time frame. Took 4 hours to receive my confirmation email though, which really had me worried that my order had failed to process. Delivery is set for 9/21.