These Are The First EarPods Sold In Spain


Your author, preserving his anonymity from Apple Store groupies.
Your author, preserving his anonymity from Apple Store groupies.

I just got back from the friendly Apple Store at Barcelona Passeig de Gràcia, and I'm the proud owner of Spain's first set of EarPods. The Apple Store service was — as ever — spectacular, and the salesman, Manel, told me I had bought the first pair of EarPods sold in Spain. But how did he know?

Yesterday I took two trips to the store, morning and evening — it's no big deal as I live just ten minutes away. Today I dropped by again and told the staff I was looking for the new 'Pods, which still weren't on display.

We pulled up the store's webpage on a nearby MacBook and saw that they were in stock, and ready to be shipped on the web. Manel called down on the radio to see if they could be sold. The answer was yes — but in a little while, maybe a half hour. Perhaps I'd like to go get a coffee.

I said I'd hang out at the store for a while (like I need an excuse!), but before I could even get started on writing an article Manel had the new buds for me. and I wasn't the only one interested: a bunch of blue-shirts came over to take a look.

Manel told me that I'd I'd bought the first pair of earbuds in the country, as they'd just arrived in stores that morning. Given that we only have a handful of Apple Stores country-wide, he's probably right.

A full review will follow, but for now I can say that they sound great, they cut out a lot of traffic noise as I was listening to The Talk Show on the way home, and they like to fall out of my ears. Jony Ive and team might have tested the things in thousands of earholes, but they forgot to check them in my waxy caverns. Still, they're comfy up until they try to make the leap from my ears. And I totally got to hang out at the Apple Store in the name of "work."

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