iCloud.com No Longer Beta, Functionality Matches Mountain Lion Apps


iCloud Out of Beta

Looks like iCloud.com, Apple’s website for its cloud-based computing service, is no longer a beta. In addition to adding the Reminders and Notes apps that sync with iCloud to your iPhone and iPad, iCloud.com has made some improvements to the Find my iPhone app and added VIP mail to the Mail app.

Find My iPhone shows support for an upcoming iOS 6 feature called Lost Mode, which lets you send a number along to a lost iOS device, assuming that whoever finds it will want to return it to you and calls that number.

The web app still uses Google maps as well, according to MacStories, to let you enable Lost Mode. You can enter the message, phone number you want the person who finds your device to call, and set a specific email address to get updates about where your lost iPhone is. The device will lock itself remotely when you enable this mode, and display the message and phone number you set there.

The Notes and Reminders app look just like the Mountain Lion and iPad versions, and function in many of the same ways, allowing you to see image attachments and change fonts in the web apps. You can create new reminders and notes right at iCloud.com and they will sync to your iCloud-enabled devices, whether those are Macs or iOS devices.

The web version of Mail app also looks more Mountain Lion-esque, and adds the upcoming iOS 6 VIP feature that was mentioned in the keynote yesterday.

iCloud.com’s new status was first noticed by 9 to 5 Mac today.

All in all, it’s nice to see the service lose the “beta” moniker, and start to implement all the little touches and integrate with the Mac and iOS features it has been promising since the beginning.

Source: iCloud.com
Via: MacStories