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TaskRabbit Offers $55 Line Jockeys for iPhone 5 Release Day



Standing in line to purchase a new iPhone is not the huge point of pride it used to be.  But since most people still want to get their hands on the beautiful new device as soon as possible, demand for task-completion jockeys to hold a place in line is sure to rise.  TaskRabbit today announced it’s mobilizing its workforce to hold your place for up to four hours for $55.

At about $11 an hour, the service isn’t necessarily driving down the price of low-wage labor. It’s still above the minimum wage national average. But it’s still higher than the McDonald’s quarter-pounders some bastards gave a few homeless a couple of years ago to do the exact same thing.

The benefit of using TaskRabbit over something like craigslist is that the site verifies the freelancers through a strict application process and creates public profiles for each. When someone chooses to take your task, you receive direct text messages to your phone with their rates. Once you select your task runner, you have a set number of days in which it can be completed. Payment is direct from bank accounts, meaning you can avoid reception fees of web-payment sites such as Paypal.

Task Rabbit is offering a contest to win one of two free iPhone 5s to anyone using their service for this particular, absolutely necessary task.

Source: TaskRabbit