Apple Intros EarPods, New Pack-In EarPods For All iPods And iPhones [iPhone 5 Event]



Apple’s replacing their stock earbuds — those horrific, cochlea-massacring, mass-produced pieces of crap — with new horrific, cochlea-massacring, mass-produced pieces of crap. Meet the EarPods.

They probably suck, given Apple’s track record, but apparently, they’ve been three years on design.

According to Jony Ive, “Making earphones that fit for everyone would be like making shoes that are the same size that fit everyone’s feet. But that’s what we’ve tried to do.”

“EarPods are designed to direct sound into the ear.” O RLY.

“I think music lovers will love these. We’re going to start shipping these as a standalone accessory. Available today,” says Apple.

I’d hold of on some reviews, if I were you. Given how terrible Apple’s earbuds have been for a decade, I see no reason to stop.

Image: The Verge

  • Lugui Nacinovic

    I actually like Apple’s earbuds. And I found the new ones incredibly intersting.

  • ElVox

    You should go out and buy a set, John…it’s people like you we need to review this kind of thing, so we know if they actually improved…so…go!

  • bcrider

    “I’d hold of on some reviews,….”

    Try proofreading more and bashing less ;)