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Vodafone Germany Has iPhone 5 Nano-SIMs Ready To Ship


Ready for your iPhone 5.
Ready for your iPhone 5.

With Apple’s iPhone 5 announcement now just over 24 hours away, and a possible launch just over one week away, carriers are preparing for what will undoubtedly be the fastest-selling smartphone of all-time. Vodafone Germany is the latest to receive stock of the handset’s new nano-SIM, and they’re ready to be shipped out to the iPhone 5’s early adopters.

As you can see from the image above, the nano-SIM is significantly smaller (by around 40%) than the micro-SIM that has been in use since Apple released the iPhone 4 back in 2010.

Not only does this image almost confirm that the iPhone 5 will use a nano-SIM, and that it will be the first device to do so, but it also suggests that certain countries could be receiving the iPhone 5 the same day the United States does. Recent rumors have suggested that those outside of the U.S. may have to wait for the device, but carriers appear to be preparing for an imminent launch.

Only the original iPhone launched exclusively in the U.S. to begin with, so seeing the iPhone 5 in more than one country from day one is hardly surprising. But this should put some minds — including my own — at ease.

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