Journal For Evernote, Your New Daily Diary


Dear diary...



Evernote Journal is a new, free, Universal app with one simple task: to get your daily journal entries into Evernote. There are already some very polished apps to capture your daily musings – Day One and Momento come to mind, but Journal has the avantage that it stores your daily entries in Evernote, ready for access (and export) wherever you like.

I have copies of both Momento and Day One, and I don’t use either. Day One requires that I do something, and Momento – which automatically pulls in info from FourSquare, Twitter, Instagram and so on – still doesn’t have an iPad version.

But Journal? Maybe. It has a dead simple interface: you type an entry, add your GPS location (if you like) and upload. All of the entries for one day are combined into a single note, and the notes are stored in a new Journal stack in Evernote.

It’s slick, simple and smart, and could probably be handy for plenty of other tasks other than journal keeping (your own private Foursquare, for example).

And best of all it’s free, and works on both the iPad and the iPhone. If you use Evernote, and you do things with your day worth writing down, why not give it a go?

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  • Kevin Harris

    No Mac app? Fail. Sticking with Day One.

  • Bette Piacente

    There _is_ a Mac app. It is called Evernote!

    No Mac app? Fail. Sticking with Day One.

  • Cassio Magalhaes

    It’s not free

  • sibroller

    This is shit app, don’t buy it. Never saw any app that ugly style.