uDraw HD. This Collaborative Drawing App Is Like An Artistic Glory Hole


What happens if you give ten strangers the same piece of paper to draw on at the same time? Let’s up the stakes. Let’s make that paper a blank iPad screen, and let’s give all the “artists” the anonymity of the internet. This app exists, and it’s called uDraw HD.

What happens is probably painfully obvious. People start off scribbling in the black, one-point line which is the default drawing tool. Then they have their drawing scribbled over by somebody else. Then they switch to a bigger, more colorful pen and start obliterating the work of others. Watching somebody try to draw something while everybody else uses a 30-point pen to scrawl over the top is true entertainment.

Things quickly take the same path every time. You can see as the various users get bolder, and then the dick drawing appear, and finally, every single time I have used it, somebody writes the F-word. Admittedly, that somebody has been me a couple of times, but not always.

The game is hilarious, even though technically it’s not even a game. You can also draw in “solo” mode (although why you’d bother, with such rudimentary drawing tools, is a mystery), and you can invite people to one of the four public rooms via Twitter. However, as there is no ID for anyone, you won’t know who is is you’re drawing dicks for. Thankfully, they don’t know who you are either. In this regard, it’s something of an artistic glory hole.

The app is free, and in theory could have some more productive uses — allowing teams to collaborate for example. However, the only collaboration likely in this drawing-based chat roulette is that you can draw the balls and I’ll do the pubes.

Source: App Shopper