Analyst: Tim Cook Is So Boring That Apple Will Have A Celebrity Intro The iPhone 5 Instead



According to Enderle Group analyst Rob Enderle, Apple might walk out a celebrity during the iPhone 5 event on Wednesday, September 12.

Why? First of all, because Enderle believes that so many details about the iPhone 5 have already leaked out that no one’s going to bother watching the event.

That is patently absurd. Apple could debut a gasping flounder on Wednesday and everyone in the world would be watching.

The other reason Enderle cites is that Tim Cook, in his view, is about as charismatic as a bowl of oatmeal:

I don’t think Apple is going to have a flop, but it will have real difficulty creating the kind of magic that Jobs was able to summon up. For instance, we’ll likely see a celebrity trotted out at the launch event to help create the kind of on-stage presence that Steve Jobs once had, and Tim Cook lacks.

Which is, again, absurd. Tim Cook may not be as charismatic as Steve Jobs, but the company Steve Jobs created — Apple — is as charismatic as a cult. They don’t need to sink to the level of companies like Sony by trotting out Will Smith and Kelly Clarkson to introduce the next iPhone. The next iPhone will introduce itself.

Source: Digital Trends
Via: Macworld