Apple Prepares Banners Outside Of Yerba Buena Center Ahead Of Next Week’s iPhone 5 Announcement



Following this morning’s enigmatic shots of the inside of the lobby, news shots of what is happening outside the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts ahead of September 12th’s iPhone 5 event have emerged, showing the first stages of what will become the public-facing banners of what will undoubtedly prove to be Apple’s biggest event yet.

The banners are going up right now, but we’ve got our own photographer heading down, hopefully to capture more. In the past, the banners that hang outside of the Yerba Buena Center Of The Arts have tended to make some reference to an unannounced new product or service, so hopefully, we’ll soon have an inkling of what Apple’s set to announce.

More images at MacStories below.

Source: MacStories

  • Sikandar Hayat

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  • Joches

    Le me guess… COLORED MINI IPADS! Yay!

  • technochick

    Le me guess… COLORED MINI IPADS! Yay!

    Nope, that’s the old station off graphic from TVs. The real apple tv is the big announcement