Steve Jobs’s Widow Is Joining Stanford University’s Board Of Trustees



Even though her husband was known for being a visionary in the world of technology, Laurene Powell Jobs, widow of Apple co-founder and CEO, Steve Jobs, has always set out to make a difference in educational policy. Her next big assignment will be to serve a 5-year term on the Stanford University board of trustees.

Both Laurene and Steve Jobs had strong ties to Stanford University before Steve’s passing. Laurene received her MBA from Stanford in 1991, where she met Steve Jobs though he never attended the university. Steve Jobs also gave his famous commencement address at Stanford’s 2005 graduation ceremony, and their son is currently attending the school as well.

Starting on October 1st, Laurene Jobs will join the board that currently lists 32 others, including former Apple Retail VP Ron Johnson, Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang, and VCs like Steven Denning and Bruce Dunlevie.

Laurene has a strong background working in education. She founded Emerson Collective, which is a non-profit that supports social entrepreneurs and others in education. She’s also president of the board of College Track, an after-school program that helps disadvantaged youth get into college and develop habits to complete their education.

Source: TechCrunch

  • BitTorres33

    It’s widow

  • CylonGlitch

    Sorry, but this is incorrect. Steve Jobs never did Windows, just OSX. His WINDOW is not joining anything.

  • CylonGlitch

    Also not Jobs’s, it’s Jobs’. If the name ends in s, you add apostrophe not apostrophe s.

  • MacAdvisor

    Poor Reed, now his mother going to be at his school. The kid can’t find a place to himself. Many years ago, my mother taught at the school I attended (we lived in a small town and the place didn’t have that many substitutes; Mom wound up with a long-term assignment for a teacher on maternity leave) and it was just hell. Couldn’t she have waited until he graduated and went off to Yale Law?