Apple Expected To Sell 10 Million iPhones 5s In First Week!


Expect huge queues and a lengthy wait for the iPhone 5.
Expect huge queues and a lengthy wait for the iPhone 5.

We know the iPhone 5 is going to be huge for Apple. With its rumored 4-inch display, a new dock connector, LTE connectivity, and more, it will be the most significant iPhone upgrade since the device made its debut back in 2007. It’s going to be so big that one analyst believes Apple will sell a staggering 10 million new iPhones in the week after its launch.

That’s Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster’s prediction for the new iPhone. He said in a research note:

We believe that if the 21st is the actual ship date, Apple could sell 6 million to 10 million iPhone 5s in the final week of September barring supply issues.

That’s an incredible number of iPhones to sell in just one week. In comparison, the iPhone 4 sold 1.4 million devices in its first 3 days of availability, while the iPhone 4S sold 4 million units during its launch weekend a year later. But 10 million in just 7 days… that’s mind-blowing.

It’s a wide estimate, of course, so we shouldn’t get too excited. But it does seem feasible. As I mentioned earlier, Apple fans have been waiting for a major iPhone refresh since the iPhone 4 two years ago, and its redesign and all its new features will give users a huge incentive to upgrade their handset.

As Munster notes, however, that prediction is supply permitting. Apple could see 10 million customers during the iPhone 5’s first week, but if it can only produce 7 million devices, that estimation may fall short. Having said that, online orders for the device should count from the day they were placed — even if it takes 4 weeks for them to ship.

Via: Macworld