Bark Puts Growl Into Notification Center


Bark for Growl.



Bark is a great way to pipe your Growl notifications into Mountain Lion’s Notification Center – at least until Growl offers official support. There are other ways to make Growl-capable apps work with the native Mountain Lion notifications, but Bark has a few unique tricks which make it better – and maybe easier – to use.

First up, Bark is plugin for Growl, and as such can be set as the notification only for the apps you want to use it. Unlike some other workarounds, which send every single alert to Notification Center, Bark only sends what you tell it to. Better: it still lets you use the Prowl plugin, which will forward Growl alerts to your iOS devices.

There’s another reason to like Bark, too: it uses the source apps' own icons in alerts. Other methods use their own icons for every notification. This sounds picky, but with an alert system you really want to be able to check at a glance whether or not you need to pay attention to the pop-up.

Bark is also free. Available now.

Source: Bark

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  • ksdulin

    My installation keeps failing, any idea why? Running 10.8.1 on a 2010 15in MBP

  • jca488

    My Q is… wont growl become obsolete pretty soon? wont most apps just go notification crazy?

  • TeaFlow

    Like the poster below, I have been unable to successfully install this.

  • Cristobalviel

    please someone tell us the solution !