Carriers Start Getting The Next iPhone’s Nano-SIMs Ahead Of Rumored September 21st Launch



There’s no mention of the next iPhone in the note, but German carrier T-Mobile has been sending out these tiny nanoSIMs for “the latest generation of smartphones” launching shortly. And since the next iPhone, which many believe will launch on September 21st, is widely thought to be the first smartphone to boast the new nanoSIM standard, it’s pretty obvious T-Mobile’s trying to put this SIM in place for the iPhone 5.

Bet we’ll start seeing these same SIM cards popping up at AT&T soon enough.

Source: iFun
Via: Slashgear

  • tomimo

    What “iPhone 5”??? the “iPhone 5” it’s been out for almost a year now! That’s the iPhone 4S!!! The next iPhone will be the 6th or any name Apple pleases to call it.

  • Adrayven


    WoW.. you are dumb.. You know what a revision is right? It’s a programming term.. It means it was a released updated version of and existing product. 4S was a MINOR release, so it’s not a new major release. Software companies do it all the time.. Shit, if windows was Numbered by release it would be WIndows 3409810238940

    Get over it. It’s iPhone 4S.. MAJOR release iPhone 5 will be out soon.. Calm they major dumb@ss

  • coolman1081

    I thought that T-Mobile wasn’t going to get the iPhone?