Walkmanesque iPhone Accessory Converts Old Tapes To MP3s


I'd actually buy one of these to use as a retro iPhone case.


Do you still own a collection of music stored on cassette tapes? Then I have some advice: STOP LIVING IN THE PAST! Those things’ll kill you eventually. If the wow and flutter doesn’t get you, or the ridiculous rewind times don’t drive you crazy, then the magnetic tape will probably spool out at nights and strangle you in your sleep. Probably.

But before you ditch those mix-tapes, you might want to transfer them to your iDevice. And wouldn’t you know it, but Hammacher Schlemmer will sell you a device almost as useless as your own (probbly perfectly-preserved) Walkman to do it.


The converter looks a lot like an actual Walkman. In one side is a slot for the tape, in the other a slot for your iPhone. Slide everything into place, fire up the companion digitization app and press play on the tape recorder. Congratulations: you just crossed the streams of technology from two mutually-destructive eras, and the universe will now self destruct.

Still here? Me too. Lucky us. Now you are left with your embarrassing teenage mix-tapes in easy-to-share MP3 format, and I am left thankful that your stupid experiment didn’t end the world as we know it.

If this scenario sounds like your scene, the converter will be on sale some time later this month for $80, by which time Hammacher’s web monkeys will hopefully have fixed the link to the product page below.

Source: Hammacher Schlemmer