The 10 Best iOS Apps For Getting Things Done [Gallery]


iPhone data may soon hit warp speed.
iPhone data may soon hit warp speed.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

It’s Labor Day in the U.S.A. which means you’re probably all hanging out by the pool, barbecuing, drinking, and doing stupid stuff as a way to celebrate the economic and social contributions of workers in the past. It doesn’t really make sense, but who cares.

When you get back to work tomorrow though, break time is over. To help you get back into the swing off things, we’ve rounded up the 10 best productivity apps for iOS.

OmniFocus – $19.99 – This is one of the most powerful and detailed productivity apps you’ll be able to find for the iPhone and iPad. Whether it’s a shopping list, items for a work discussion, things to do at home, OmniFocus can handle it and help you do it quicker.


Evernote – free – If you find yourself forgetting stuff a lot, you really should used Evernote. You can write quick notes to yourself and view them on pretty much any device on any platform. It’s great, plus it’s free, which is really nice.

Dropbox – free – Why aren’t you using Dropbox yet? Seriously. It’s simple and easy to use, and you won’t have to mess with thumb-drives or any other sort of physical storage anymore. Just open the iOS app and toss a document in it and you can view it on any screen with an internet connection.



Clear – $2.99 – Some apps try to cram as many features as possible, but Clear takes the opposite approach by aiming for simplicity. It’s a task management app with a fun, clean, interface that is easy to use.


LogMeIn – free with account – If you’re away from your house and really need to get something from your home computer, this is the app you need because it allows you to access your computer from anywhere.


RunKeeper – free – Getting in shape and keeping track of your progress doesn’t have to be a hassle. here’s a lot to like about this app besides its uncluttered interface. It’s got recordable tracks, lap timers, voice announcements, a pace graph and even a button to snap geotoagged photos. Of course, everything can be saved to for storage and analysis.

Wunderlist – free – One of the best things about Wunderlist is that it’s focused on collaboration. Most of us have colleagues that we work with on projects, so staying focused as a team is important to get a job done. Wunderlist helps you collaborate more efficiently.

1Password – $14.99 – Someone needs to calculate the percentage of our lifetime that we spend entering password. It’s got to add up to nearly a year, right? 1Password basically alleviates all those problems by storing your passwords and logging you in automatically to websites without compromising your security by saving the password in the browser.

iThoughts – $7.99 –  Brainstorming sessions don’t have to be limited to paper, and if you have your iPhone or iPad with you, you can get a lot of your thoughts mapped out with iThoughts so you don’t forget them.

Mint – free – With all the work you’re going to get done and extra money you’ll be saving or earning, Mint will keep track of it all for you, to make sure you don’t blow all your dough before a new Apple product comes out.


Image: Zaid Shishani

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