New Mac Malware Steals All The Passwords You Enter Into Your Browser & Logs Your Keystrokes


Mac attacks are on the up!
Here's another piece of Mac malware you'll want to avoid.
Photo: Cult of Mac

Dr Web, a Russian antivirus software specialist, has discovered a new piece of malware that targets computers running Mac OS X and Linux. Named “Wirenet.1,” once installed the software steals all of the passwords you enter into your web browser, mail client, and other apps, and has the ability to log your keystrokes.

ITWire reports that the malware targets popular Mac browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Opera, in addition to other apps like Pidgin, SeaMonkey, and Thunderbird. Wirenet.1 “installs itself” into the user’s home directory under the name “WIFIADAPT,” but it’s still unclear how the malware is being spread, according to Dr Web.

As you may have guessed, however, Dr Web’s antivirus software is capable of detecting and removing the malware. But ITWire reports that there is another way to kill the hack:

One mitigation is to block communication with, which is the control server used by the attackers.

We’ll keep our eyes peeled for further information on the Wirenet.1 malware, including how it’s being spread and how it makes its way onto our machines. But in the meantime, it might be a good idea to make sure your antivirus software is up to date, and that you don’t have a WIFIADAPT file in your home directory.

Via: ITWire

  • John Howell

    So Dr Web, who just happens to sell software to AV protect unix and OS X systems happens to find a new malware, that noone else seems to be reporting yet, with a command and control server with a Polish IP Address? Smells fishy to me. Also I’ve not been able to find any report indicating how the “Malware” spreads so as far as I can tell, you have to have an admin install it. So attack vector is social engineering. Same as it ever was for he ‘nix OS’s.

  • darwiniandude

    I agree with John, smells a bit fishy to me. Also, no mention of Safari? So arguably the most popular Mac browser is immune?

  • Cody_H

    I’m not a conspiracist, but I’ve always thought that some of these major viruses (I’m not saying all, but maybe some) are probably funded by major antivirus companies simply so they can make cash… it makes sense…the hacker not only gets paid by the AV company, but he also gets to keep whatever exploits he finds by releasing his virus…he tells the AV company how to defend it, and they make money selling their software to the public…it’s a win, win situation for the hacker and the AV company. Again, I’m not a conspiracist, but this thought has crossed my mind many times over the years!

  • technochick

    So Safari is safe. And how many common users are running Linux on their machines as well or use any of those other applications.

    Sheeeeeet, how many common users have a clue that you can run a browser other than the one that comes on their Mac. Many of them have no idea what that one is called. It’s just ‘that little compass’ to them