Neatomo Turns Your iPhone Into A Weather Station


When I was a cub scout, I made my own backyard weather station. It was to get my science badge, or weather nerd badge, or whatever, and it mainly consisted of counting the millimeters of rain in a jamjar with an oversized plastic funnel perched on the top. And there was always rain: This was England.

If I’d had access to the wonderful technology of today, though, I could have stayed in watching TV and let the Netatmo do the work for me. The Netatmo is a weather station for both indoors and outdoors, and is sold as something that will stop you from worrying about your children and — therefore — the future.

The Netatmo consists of a pair of monitor stations and an app. The stations (one for indoors, one for outside) measure temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, sound and CO2 levels (indoor only). They then feed their data to your iPhone and panic you into action or inaction.

Thus you may be told to “ventilate” your home thanks to high CO2 levels, or get real-time alerts and historical graphs.

What you don’t get is any way to measure wind speed or rain, which are the only real things you need to know before leaving the house.

Still, if you have $179 to spare, and don’t have opening windows on your house (and are somehow unable to load up waether apps on your iPhone) then go for it. The Netatmo is available now.

Source: Netatmo