Drunk Jeff Goldblum: Not a great Apple Pitchman.


It’s been a long time now since Jeff Goldblum was the face and voice of Apple, but YouTube user notatypewriter provides a remixed blast from the past that reminds why the past is the past. Taking a holiday ad from 1999, the video and audio was slowed down about 30 percent, resulting in the ultimate Apple pitch man: Hammered Jeff Goldblum! “I’d say…Internet?” Genius.

Via Macenstein

YouTube – Apple Ad – Drunk Jeff Goldblum

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  • brick

    ridiculous! but even funnier:


    You be the judge! Is the video slowed down or are they just plain drunk?!?!

  • Andrew DK

    Ah, nostalgia.
    I remember one of the first iPod commercials with him rockin out to music on a Mac then syncing an iPod and rocking out as he walked away.
    Those were the days.