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Satechi’s Bluetooth Headphones Are As Light As Wired Ones


Look ma... No wires!



Bluetooth speakers? Count me in. I love the things: portable, great-sounding, remote control right there on the speaker, and wireless. But Bluetooth headphones? Aren’t they bulky, and with crappy battery life? Not, apparently, the new Satchi BT Lite headphones, which – as the name suggests – are pretty “lite.”

The “Lite” applies to the weight – 2.6 ounces – and also to the battery life. The product page makes big deal about the built-in li-ion battery, chargeable via USB, but nowhere does it mention battery life. This is almost always a red-alert.

Still, being able to ditch wires while still using lightweight cans, and gaining a play/pause (and phone-answering) remote are pretty good, especially at the price: The BT Lites cost just $60.

Source: Satechi

Thanks: Valerie!